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A Day Hunting & Gathering On Elcho Island

I will never forget our first day hunting with the Yolngu people, it was an experience of a life time. We were invited by a beautiful family to go out hunting to one of the homeland on the Island. It was an hour drive to this incredible, breath taking location. The traditional knowledge that is passed down to the children from their elders is fascinating to see first hand. I remember the screaming of excitement from one of the Yolngu kids, when she spotted fresh turtle tracks in the sand. I could not see anything. Her eye had been trained well, what a gift she has.

Hunting for turtle eggs is essential for the Yolngu people. Turtle eggs are full of protein and vitamins that they desperately need when living off the land. When a nest is found there are strict limits on how many eggs are to be harvested. The eggs are super soft and are gently taken from the nest with care. Then the nest is covered back over with sand and left for the young turtle eggs to hatch.

Watch the full video here of our day out hunting and a special old canoe made from hand we came across.

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