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The state of the body reflects the mind,
The state of the mind reflect the body,
Bring mind and body back together

Dr Aline Lapierre

nevous sys


The time is now to regulate your nervous system and clear a path to your brain. Teach your body to tell its story and release the trauma held within.
Therapy is no longer considered only something we do if there is something wrong with us. The fast pace world we live in can be challenging at times. Exploring the trauma held deep within your nervous system with the support from a therapist is a responsible step towards beneficial change.

Are you tired of making endless appointments to ease your physical pain with physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and body workers and nothing is shifting? 


Have you ever seen a shrink and walked away feeling the same as when you entered? 


It may have felt good to tell your story, right? But a few days past and you’re back over analysing everything in your head once again. Your mind keeps taking you on this time travel machine to the past and future unable to live in the present moment. 


How nice would it be to soak up the joy of the here and now and appreciate what life has to offer?  No more making up little scenarios in your head or having to retell your story over and over again to get sympathy. 


Your mind is always telling the story. It is now time for your body to tell its story. Perhaps it has a different story to tell without being judged by the mind. The body needs to tell its story to release trauma held within the nervous system, so you can become unstuck and move on. 


It’s time for you to create a collaborative relationship with the mind and body, by getting to know yourself better and heal your inner world.

NeuroAffective Touch® and The New Diagnosis of Complex PTSD

The World Health Organization in its 2018 International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) now recognizes the new diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Consequently, training in how to work with developmental trauma and complex PTSD is more important than ever. NeuroAffective Touch® addresses the effects of family abuse and neglect that are at the root of complex PTSD. By communicating directly with the body at the nonverbal level where we have all received our first imprints, NeuroAffective Touch® treats childhood emotional and relational traumas that unconsciously shape our behavior and sense of identity.

Shantell-lea is an Emotional Release Therapist, professionally trained in NeuroAffective Touch®. She use a polyvagal-informed model that uses intentional mindful touch to bring the unconscious memories held in the body into conscious awareness. Working with the polyvagal nervous system helps establish a new somatic foundation from which to rework trauma-based unconscious behavioral responses and rebuild self-awareness and identity.

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