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Meet our family...


We are a family of three living Off Grid on the Mid North Coast of Australia in Dunghutti Country.

Adam is a Carpenter by trade and is the founder of Cvetkovski Spearguns, building custom roller and banded spearguns from recycled Aussie hardwoods. Shantell-Lea is a certified GAPS (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) Therapist and Psychosomatic Therapist, specialising in Gut Health and Trauma. Shantell-lea is passionate about inspiring and educating people to take ownership of their body, health and lifestyle. Maple our strong willed, adventurous little girl, loves spending her days catching lizards and speaking to any animal that she crosses paths with.


Adam has built a beautiful self-sustainable family home, mostly from recycled materials and a biodynamic market garden that is thriving and feeds us well. Living off grid has allowed us to live a very simple life and live off the land as much as possible. We both spearfish and hunt with bows and are very lucky to be able to ethically feed our family with fresh seafood, wild pig, deer and goats.

We were adopted into a Yolngu family several years ago and endeavour to support them by volunteering our time and spending several months of the year living in community on the island as health mentors. The more time we spend in community and see the health struggles aboriginal people are facing, the more we feel their pain. We hope to create awareness by sharing their stories and giving a voice to the Yolngu people to create change for their people. We see many organisations that are government funded, sadly doing harm in remote communities. The more they interfere even with the best intentions the more damage is done.


We have a different approach to offering support to the Yolngu people. We have strong relationships with elders who live on Elcho Island, North East Arnhem land. They have expressed to us what they need support with and we listen. We aim to crowd fund for the Yolngu people so we have no one to answer to but the elders & the people who a willing to donate money for projects. If you would like to donate today and see what projects elders from Elcho Island are wanting support for, then please get in contact with us via email. support@gutfullofhealth


Together we can give power back to the people.   

We invite you to follow our journey on instagram @offgridstories and witness the simplicity of life, health and the freedom it has to offer as we escape the everyday formula.​

Adam, Shantell-lea & little Miss Maple xx

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