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Living on ELCHO ISLAND with the YOLNGU PEOPLE as a volunteer Health Coach

What are we doing? Why are we here?

Lots of messages have been coming in over the last few days. Your interest is important to us. Over the next several months the experiences we share creating relationships with the Yolngu people and experiencing their triumphs as well as the obstacles they are faced with, is what we would love to bring to your awareness so you have an understanding, compassion and empathy. Creating awareness, may help create change as we put pressure on the system and organisations that bring and take from this island not benefiting the Yolngu people what so ever.

In 2019, I was asked to attend a health retreat camp cooking nourishing food for the Yolngu people. I was adopted by this beautiful elder as her daughter. I made a promise that one day I would bring my family to her island to visit and give our support where needed for her people. The day has finally come and we are here. We hope to support the Yolngu people to bring the power of their health and lifestyle back into their hands.

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Shantell xx


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