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Did you know that 90% of the cells that make up our body are found in our gut flora? It’s terrifying as a human race, how uneducated we are when it comes to the importance of nurturing our gut flora and understanding the relationship between the gut and brain.

Almost 100% of people today are suffering from gut dysbiosis. Gut dysbiosis occurs when your microbial mass community living in the digestive system is unbalanced. These micro bugs become over populated and out of control which in turn creates niches in the digestive tract, damaging the lining of the gut wall. As the balance is broken and the gut flora is abnormal, disease begins to manifest in the body.


Shantell-lea takes a well rounded, holistic and refined approach to achieve transformation with her clients. As a  Certified GAPS (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) Coach, she guide's her clients through the benefits of nourishing and restoring the gut microbiome to regain control of their mind and body.  Certified in Neuro Affective Touch Therapy by founder Dr Aline Lapierre, Shantell-lea dives deep into early developmental trauma to explore emotional release work with her clients to bring the mind-body and emotions into harmony.


Shantell-lea has woven her profound knowledge of gut health and trauma held within the nervous system to assist people who have not had relief in the mainstream medical system. She is a educator to inspire people to make better health choices and gives her support to live a more nourishing, simple and fulfilling life. She is passionate in helping people understand what triggers are and how to break away from unwanted patterns in their emotional behaviour.

​ Shantell-lea understands its not easy to make change and  to step out of your comfort zone.  Being here today, and taking the time to read this is one step forward to better health and wellbeing.

What are somethings you can do to nurture yourself to thrive?

  1. Remove yourself from stressful environments

  2. Learn to release trauma and stress held with in your nervous system >> 

  3. Get plenty of rest

  4. Drink plenty of good quality water

  5. Eat foods in their purest state, foods that mother nature intend for us to eat.


The human body is one entity, so we need to heal the whole body. If we fix the gut first then the brain and the nervous system has a chance to clean up as we have built a new gut wall so that food can be digested properly and all the bodily functions that follow will function as intended.

We have an over-populated society suffering from many physiological and psychological illnesses. Sadly over the counter pills are over prescribed and handed to patient's who are uneducated about the side effects that may cause long term harm. There is a time and place for such medications but we all have the right to investigate into the underlying problem rather then putting a band-aid on it. 


Shantell-lea offers 1:1 Coaching and mentors clients through health and wellbeing changes they need to move forward to avoid health issues from arising. 

"All diseases begin in the gut"


460-370 BC

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